Traction Power Load Flow Simulation Analysis

Choosing the electrical power system for your railroad is a complicated matter that requires delicate consideration. Simplify, streamline, and gain confidence in this process with traction power load flow simulation analysis from United ECM. This service is uncommon, even among top global transportation engineering firms, but our unique expertise and talented staff ensure we can meet your needs.

What is Traction Power Load Flow Simulation Analysis?

Traction power load flow simulation is a planning tool created to help railroad stakeholders choose the appropriate system that will provide power to their trains. The modeling of a traction power system can generate varied, valuable data that describes the loads that components of the traction power system can be put under.

This helps determine the number and size of substations and cables installed along the track alignment, estimate energy consumption, suggest contingencies, and more.

TPLF Simulation Can Determine:

  • Number and size of power stations
  • Number and size of cables
  • Energy consumption
  • Train headway
  • Contingency analysis
  • Running rail-to-ground voltages